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Candle in the Wind

Born July 1, 1961 and Died August 31, 1997 - Princess Diana lived an extremely short life. She did many important things, but the things that I feel that I learned from her is empathy for others, the importance of being a mother, and last but certainly not least, life is short-so you better live it now.

When I started my online bookstore, I was just going to put up a couple of books and see how it went. However, when I have a project going on - I go headstrong, balls to the walls, and want things to be perfect, but more importantly, I want to make an impact. So, with that being said, after I began my Lily's Rare Books, I began looking at other people's websites who sold books. I began with Ebay - and, although Ebay has its strong points, I HATE THEM! I put two books up and have had scammers coming out of the walls! I love books, the way they smell, the adventures they can take a person, and how a person can get lost in them.

Now that I have my online bookstore, which I am extremely proud, I just want everybody to go to my site, comment to me what they think, and please please purchase something. So, maybe to commemorate Princess Diana - or just to be nice - or to see if anybody ever reads my blog, the first person who comments on their Facebook page about Lily's Rare Books and tags me Lisa Wilson May, I will Give them the Princess Diana Beanie Baby - priced on Ebay for $900,000. :) I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe one person reads. If you do, thank you so so much and would you please invite all your FB friends to go to Lily's Rare Book Facebook page. Love y'all

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