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I have always been active! I remember telling one of my son's former girlfriends that exercise is a cure for anything and everything - depression, weight gain, mental illness, etc. She did not take my advice, but instead broke up with my son - (that wasn't the first or the last time, I got too involved in my sons' relationship; and, I should have learned not to do that - but that's a story for another day). Anyway, when my parents got sick and then passed away and my sisters and I bickered EVERY single day, over EVERY single penny & item, I became overcome with grief and did not exercise. I started taking anti-depressants and food became a solace for me. Now after seven months of being sad and eating, I have decided I better get busy living or get busy dying. I have started back playing tennis and walking and hope that my friends hold me accountable because believe you me - it is much easier to sit in my own self-prison and be sad and just eat. So, today July 5th I am getting busy living and I do honestly believe that exercise is a cure for everything. HAPPY EXERCISE DAY :)

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