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When I was young, I would read books to escape. I loved and still do - reading about other people's lives, heartaches, happinesses, etc. I remember reading late into the night and my mom getting angry because I would stay up late reading. But for me, I wasn't just reading - I was traveling all over the world, I was falling in love, I was solving crimes, I was always the protagonist. My favorite genre, of course, mysteries. I always and still to this day, think I can solve crimes much better than any policeman or detective. I also remember I loved reading mysteries because that's what mom read. However, she always, always read the last chapter before she began reading the first chapter. I asked her one day why she did that and she told me so she would know who did the crime and could pay special attention to that character throughout the book! Oh well, to each his own :) Anyway, my advice to parents of young children - always have books to read. Doesn't matter the genre give them books! HAPPY READING Y'ALL :)

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